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Application for Affiliated Researcher of Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University

Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University by the director Dr. Komsan Suriya
are recruting affiliated researchers who meet these following criteria:

1. Currently not work as a permanent staff of a university in the world,
2. Potential to produce academic papers,
3. Willing to affiliate with Social Research Institute, Chiang Mai University in order to produce academic papers,
4. Understand the standards and ethics in doing research and producing academic papers,
5. Accept terms and conditions upon the sharing of benefits received from publications.

By the affiliation of Social Research Institute, an affiliated researcher will be granted these following benefits:

1. Participation in academic activities of Social Research Institute as if he or she is a staff of the institute
>>>> The 1st International Conference on Interdisciplinary Development Research (IDR2015) <<<< ( the waive of the conference fee)

2. First priority for the publication in international journals that are partners of Social Research Institute:
>>>>Empirical Econometrics and Quantitative Economics Letters
>>>>International Journal of Intelligence Technology and Applied Statistics
>>>>Business and Economic Horizons
>>>>Perspectives on Innovations, Economics and Business
>>>>Chiang Mai University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
>>>>Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences

3. Utilization of database collected and provided by Social Research Institute

4. Utilization of research privilege and facilities offered by Chiang Mai University to staffs of Social Research Institute

5. Share publishing rewards granted by Chiang Mai University as of percentage of the effort in producing the papers


If you are interested in joining Social Research Institute as an Affiliated Researcher,
please download the Application Form 

Please fill the form, make the declaration regarding to the recruiment criteria, and duly sign.
Then return the form by scanning or taking photo to

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Director Dr. Komsan Suriya)

The final decision will be made by the director, and announced to you by email.

Registration as an Affiliated Researcher

After the application was approved, the status of affiliated researcher is not automatically granted to the applicant.
Additional documents are needed for the registration with Chiang Mai University.

Please prepare and submit these following documents:

1. Copy of ID card or passport, with the "certified copy" and your signature.
2. Copy of home identification (for Thai citizen), with the "certified copy" and your signature.
3. Copy of transcript for every degree (Bachelor + Master + Ph.D., if any), with the "certified copy" and your signature.

Please submit them by airmail to

Director Dr. Komsan Suriya
Social Research Institute
Chiang Mai University
239 Huaykaew Rd., T.Suthep, A.Muang, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
Tel: +66-53-94-2583  

When the registration is complete, Social Research Institute will grant a certificate and an annoucement of your status as "Affiliated Researcher" officially to your home address and also your email.





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