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A new way for the election of senators in Thailand Print E-mail
ไกรศร จิตธรธรรม
24  กุมภาพันธ์  2553

Any-way, me been thinking about a MNC
[i.e. minimum necessary change].
It is difficult to believe that through the concept of Mechanism Design
there is this simple/implementable MNC.
The benefit/cost ratio for all Thai people is so great that;
even one who does not get it should push for it.

The GT200 saga and the Naka's fire-work do reflect deep issues within the Thai socio-politic culture. 
But there is still some hope. 
Soon, i.e. within the next two years, there will be changes to the Constitution of 2550;
there is a small change that once effected will lock-in and
[despite what any body does or will do]
set Thailand  onto the proper/stable path.

[After many deep thoughts over the last two years] I am of 100% certain of this MNC.

You may think otherwise, but have a lot at stake with a proper/stable Thailand for your love-one's future.

This MNC is but a simple change and with no known systemic ill-effect.

Instead of needing 30%-50% of the votes,
one only needs 1% of the votes;
that is for say Bangkok with 4 millions votes,
getting 40,000 votes is enough to be elected a senator.

So, when [in the next few years]
the time/consensus is ripe for constitution amendment,
please push for this MNC.

[unless you have a better/simpler/implementable proposal, 
does not yet suffer enough,
or simply does not want to contribute any effort
for a possible better Thailand ...
my apology for this note]


  • MNC:  การสรรหา สว. แบบหลากหลายโดยประชาชน  >>Link<<

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