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Komsan Suriya

Manager of in Germany


Making a reservation of hotels worldwide is easy. I will guide you through the whole process
with picturial explanations.

First, enter .  Type the name of city where you would like to vist along with the date
of arrival and departure. 

For example, if we would like to travel to Hamburg in Germany arriving on January 30th and departing
on the next day and our favourite is a single room,  we will specify all these information into the blanks
then click "Search" to continue.

There may be a lot of Hamburg cities around the world.  We are going to Germany.
Then select Hamburg in Germany and click "Show all hotels".

In Hamburg, more than 200 hotels are available. We will focus on the worth-for-money hotels. 
Therefore, please click "Best Rate" on the top right of the menu.

Now, the name list is sorted according to the room rent begining from the cheapest to the most expensive.

From the example, a hotel that offers the cheapest price is just 30 Euro per night.

The number in the bracket is the full price if you walk in and book at the hotel.

It is obvious that you can save money by booking via

It is like that. I used to book it at the same hotel without prior booking online.  It was more expensive.

I asked why? Then, I got an answer that the hotel made a contract with the website like this.

It is better to get a cheper price than letting rooms empty.

With the website, the hotel can get customers from around the world.

The manager also told me that the hotel will make its profit from walk-in customers.

This follows a principle that people will have to pay more when they are in urgencies.

Let's look at the hotels in details. 

You can click "Look & Book" at the hotel in which you are interested.

We will begin from the first one on the list because it is the cheapest hotel.

Umm... It does not look like a hotel in my sense. There is kitchen inside the room.

I think it is like an apartment.  This may be not good for the smell of food attached to the wall and floor.

Sometime, it is a reason why it is cheap.

Let's take a look at other hotels.

We can see more pictures of a hotel by entering   "Images" menu labeled by an orange colour
on the top bar.

It is important to read the "Reviews", the last menu on the bar.

Comments were from real customers visited the hotel.

They are somehow reliable in the sense that they were made after the reviewer had experience
and went back home.

The website would send an email to every customer and ask to evaluate the hotels.

In this example, it was written that a hotel (name not mentioned here) is in the red light district.

Moreover, there were warnings for ladies who travel alone that the hotel may not be a good choice. 

Another important thing is the distance from the main station.

In Germany, people always use the train.

Travelling by train is easy, comfortable, punctual, and not so expensive.

Hotels located near the railway station may be among good choices then.

We can take less than 10 minutes by walking from the station to the hotels.

If we choose some hotels very far from the station, we have to switch to a bus or a subway.

We may lose the way if we are not familiar with the city.

Losing the way in winter in Germany would not be a good experience.

The distance can be checked for the "Maps" menu on the bar.

How do we know where is the main station?

It is written as "Hauptbahnhof".

A big gray area in the map is relatively bigger than other buildings , then it must be the main station.

For sure, let's check the distance again from the "Description" menu.

Please look at "Details on distance".

It was written that  Station:  0.5/0.31  .

This indicates that the hotel is 500 metre far from the main station, or 0.31 miles.

That is a good range for walking.

Now, if we arrived at a decision that this hotel matched our perferences,
we would go back to "Your booking".

Then we need to specify numbers of room, say 1 for one room.

Please also read the terms carefully.

Breakfast is not included.  Optionally, you can spend 14 Euro more for having breakfast at hotel.

After that, click "continue" (not shown in picture).

In the next step, the website will review the terms again on screen.

They include the rent, inclusion of breakfast, and the cancellation policy.

You need to provide your email address.

Then click continue.

Another page of the website will guide you through the registration.

Once you register on the website, the system will recognize you for next reservations.

You need not to do it again.

Having checked everything according to your deal completely, then click "Submit".

This is the end of the process.

The room will be reserved for you for sure at the right price that was dealt.

There will be an email from the website to confirm your booking.

In case that you would like to cancel the researvation, you can do it.

Please go to "My profie" and proceed under "Cancel a booking".

You will see a window shown below.

You need to enter the reservation number and cancellation code provided by the email.

If you did not make the cancellation in time, you will lose your money equals to the room rent  
in case of the credit card gaurantee.

Some hotels may not ask for your credit card. In this case, you will be put into the black list.

Your email address and your name will not be valid to book any hotel in the system anymore.

With this system, hotels can trust the website for screening customers for them.

Customers can also trust the website for screening hotels for them.

This should be a win-win deal.


1.   If you are not sure that you will be able to arrive the hotel by 6.00 p.m.,
please select "Late arrival" and specify a possible time of arrival.

2.  The option of "No smoking room" will provide you a better smelling room.

3.  Almost everything will be self-serviced in a cheper hotel, therefore you need not to pay tips.

4.  In my experience of booking many trips in Germany via the website,
I can say that the reservation is reliable, both in terms of the availability of the room
and  the exact rent as they were dealt.

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